Where I shop in Sydney for Organic Wholefoods By The Nourishing Space

Where I shop in Sydney for organic wholefoods

One of my favourite things to do every weekend is go out early on a Saturday and Sunday morning and buy our produce for the week. There is something very peaceful and satisfying about buying the best produce you can afford and knowing that what you are eating is nourishing your body…

Since moving to the Inner West 4 years ago, I’ve started to make consistent small changes to the way that my family eats, but more importantly where we buy my food from. I’ve made very conscious choices to eat as fresh and as local as possible and have tried to limit the foods we buy from the supermarket.

Eating fresh and local does take some organisation (this means going to bed early enough on the weekends to make sure we make it to the markets) but the quality and TASTE definitely makes the effort worth while……AND it actually works out to be a lot cheaper!

So where do I get my produce from?

For fruit and vegetables I make a weekly trip to my local farmers markets in Marrickville, on Addison Road….these markets have a real community feel and every week a new little stall is popping up selling juices, smoothies, organic produce, sweets and treats…It has become a beautiful weekly ritual of mine to take my basket grab a juice and wander the markets before filling up on lots of goodies!

From the growers I buy seasonal fruit and vegetables, free-range eggs (they are as close to being organic without the certification and taste AMAZING!), our meat from Wootton meats and a loaf of organic Buckwheat bread from Common Ground Bakery.

If you’re up for an Inner West adventure, these markets are fantastic! But if you aren’t near the Inner West and want to go to your local Organic Markets here are a list of when other Organic Markets are on in Sydney.

For pantry items like quinoa, nuts, seeds, superfoods (maca powder) and pulses I buy these in bulk from my local Community co-op Alfalfa House opposite the Enmore Theatre.

Alfalfa House is a not for profit co-op that stocks wholesome organic produce at great prices and with minimal packaging. When I run out of a few items, I make a trip to Alfalfa House taking my empty jars and reusable bags. It is a brilliant way to buy organic products at bulk prices.

There are similar food stores selling bulk organic foods popping up all over Sydney, Naked Foods has just opened up on King Street in Newtown and also have a store in Bondi Junction and there is also The Source Bulk Foods in Glebe and Balmain.

So wherever you live, it’s time to do your research…..find out where you can buy local, seasonal and fresh produce and start nourishing yourself and your families with quality sourced produce today!

As a health and wellbeing coach Penny works with busy time-poor working women who are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Through her work, Penny helps women make simple choices around healthy food, providing ‘fuss-free’ recipes, wellness tips and simple everyday practices; to increase their energy, lower their stress levels and fall in love with real food so they lead healthier, happier lives.

If you’re ready to start living a healthier and happier life, contact Penny through the contact page for your free 30-minute consultation.

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