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If you’ve been following me on social media recently, you may have seen my Mindful Moment collaboration whereby I am posting a daily #MindfulMoment from experts in the Health & Wellness industry, sharing how they cultivate a mindfulness practice.

The idea came to me when I was breastfeeding, as I reflected on a conversation that I’d had with one of my clients earlier that day. It went something like this “I know I should be meditating’ but I feel like it’s just another thing to add to my ‘to-do’ list and I’m already busy enough”. Sounds familiar right?

The conversation got me thinking about mindfulness a little.

You see, mindfulness is a choice.

It’s a conscious choice that we make, moment to moment. It is about stopping and connecting with the present moment, and we tap into this consciousness through our breath. It’s about being in the here and now. Not jumping back in time, not thinking about the future, not scrolling through social media. But being here, in this exact moment.

So as I sat and fed Emma, I focused on my breath. No phones, no distractions, no thoughts. Just my breath in and out. I started to feel a sense of calm, my shoulders started to ease up, and I started to feel a little less frazzled.

I’ve continued this practice in some form everyday for the last two months. It’s not structured, and it looks different every day. Sometimes it’s as I’m feeding, other times after I’ve put Emma down and some days it’s at the very end of the day as I jump in to bed, a simply in and out of my breath.

Since being consistent with my mindfulness practice, I can say without hesitation that it has had a bigger impact on my health over the past 6 months than any superfood salad, vitamin or green smoothie.

What has made the difference for me is consistency. Showing up everyday.

Conscious, connected breath.

It was after this 3am epiphany that I realised that I wanted to share more about mindfulness. About its simplicity, because I truly believe that mindfulness is a learned skill. Just like riding a bike or mastering a headstand in yoga it takes practice, perseverance and patience!

It’s about saying, as busy as life gets, I am still going to show up to my mindfulness practice. It doesn’t need to be hard, you don’t need to over think it, you just need to give it a go. Trust me.

Giving yourself the gift of mindfulness and taking a few long slow deep breaths to yourself everyday will give you clarity, a sense of calm and connectedness. It will help you be a better friend, colleague, sister, daughter, mother and wife and all it takes is a mindful moment.

I’d love to hear more about your Mindfulness practice. How do you cultivate an inner sense of calm in your day? You never know, sharing your thoughts and techniques might help someone in The Nourishing Space tribe.

As a health and wellbeing coach Penny works with busy time-poor working women who are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Through her work, Penny helps women make simple choices around healthy food, providing ‘fuss-free’ recipes, wellness tips and simple everyday practices; to increase their energy, lower their stress levels and fall in love with real food so they lead healthier, happier lives.

If you’re ready to start living a healthier and happier life, contact Penny through the contact page for your free 30-minute consultation.

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