My favourite fermented foods for good gut health By The Nourishing Space

My favourite fermented foods to promote good gut health….

It seems so many people these days are living with digestive issues….uncomfortable tummies, bloating, burping, gas, wind… you name it most of us have experienced it at some point….

For many, myself included when these symptoms occur instead of getting to the root cause of the issue…. Our first response is to jump straight to the quick fix of eliminating something from our diet….’Oh I’ll just stop eating bread for a few days’….or ‘I’m cutting out all dairy’….

But instead of eliminating things from our diet…what about if we added something? FERMENTED FOODS…..

I’ve been taking probiotics in tablet or powder form (Polybac 8) for many years now, but only recently have I starting experimenting with different types of fermented foods in my diet and I have to say that I am addicted! I have quite a sensitive stomach and am still finding the balance of what works and what doesn’t! But I can definitely tell a difference in how I feel after certain foods since introducing more gut friendly foods into my diet…

So what’s the deal with fermented food?READ MORE


My Detox Journey……Part 2

When it comes to something like detox, I’m all about recognising and celebrating the little wins along the way and after an ‘up and down’ kinda week I think it’s safe to say that it’s uphill from here!

I must admit, when I decided to bite the bullet and commit to this, I went in feeling pretty positive…thinking it would almost be a breeze…You know ‘my diet was pretty good right’…I thought to myself ‘I shouldn’t experience any detox symptoms like headaches, lack of energy, tiredness’…..ah yep how WRONG I was!

I had EVERY single one of those symptoms….There was a few times when I honestly thought I could fall asleep at 3pm, and it wasn’t until around Day 3 that I started to feel normal again…..

What I recognised this week is that it just goes to show you how much junk we put into our bodies! And even though my diet is pretty clean, it’s not until I started to really look at things and consistently say NO to treats that were being put in front of me that I realised over a week how many things somehow ‘snuck’ there way into my tummy…..

I shared here what types of food I was avoiding during detox, (the usual bad guys….alcohol, gluten, dairy and sugar) and you can follow me on instagram as I’ve been posting food pics up…So this week I thought I’d share….READ MORE


My detox journey Part 1

As much as I think I choose the healthiest option available when it comes to nourishing my body….there are times when I slip up and things start to creep into my diet that I KNOW aren’t nourishing me….

Over the past few weeks/ month I have been letting a few more little ‘naughty treats’ slide through….combined with a not so healthy addiction to ‘healthy treats’ (yes sugar free chocolate is NOT an everyday food!)…and as as result I’m not feeling as vibrant and energetic as I think I could be…..

Now over the years I’ve read loads about different detoxes and have tried smaller 3-5 day stints (things like juice detoxes) however I have never committed to anything longer than a week….always finding an excuse as to why I couldn’t stick to it (birthdays, engagements, work dinners etc….) But this time I’m curious about how I will feel….When I commit to this 100%? When I simply refuse something I’m offered at a party? When I finally ditch my sugar-free chocolate addiction? When I publicly declare my intention? When I create the space to cleanse my body?

I KNOW I am going to feel INCREDIBLE…..

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What you should know about fat free yoghurt…..

I recently conducted a little experiment when I was doing the grocery shopping to find out how many varieties of YOGHURT there were…..seriously over 30! I thought about how crazy this was….yoghurt is one of our most simplest food forms, however these days it’s more like a buffet smorgasbord with every different option under the sun….plain, greek, flavoured, flavoured with a twist of fruit, naturally set, pot set, flavoured with muesli, full fat, low fat, no fat… ugggh it’s just exhausting….

Believe it or not this was once quite a simple decision….plain or vanilla…

Now I LOVE yoghurt….a dollop on my muesli or porridge, on it’s own with berries or added into baking or smoothies….YUM!

In my teenage years however, I wasn’t as educated around which type of yoghurt to buy and so I made the most common mistake of all….READ MORE


Cooking with Quinoa

Are you curious about Quinoa?… 

Where do you buy it from?…

How to cook with it?…

How do I pronounce it? Is it Quinoa or ‘Keen-Wah’…

And what do I actually make with it?

Ok let me tell you about this powerful SUPERFOOD and share some of my favourite ways to incorporate this nourishing grain into your diet.


The benefits of Chia Seeds By The Nourishing Space

The health benefits of Chia Seeds

I’m not sure about anyone else….but I am absolutely fascinated by the humble little chia seed….what a nutritional dynamo!!
How is it that one little seed can pack such an incredible punch when it comes to the many ways that it Nourishes you!! Look at what these bad boys contain….



One Small Change…..

Last week I took a big step in my journey… I found the courage to finally share my blog with the world! While such a BIG step was marked with overwhelming gratitude to the words of encouragement from family and friends, it got me thinking about personal journeys to health and wellbeing…READ MORE


A health coaches guide to healthy snacks…..

I love talking about healthy food, gathering ideas, reading food labels and creating new recipes! I’ve even dedicated one of my pinterest boards just to snacks!

One of the questions I often ask friends and get asked myself is ‘What are you having for snacks?’ Often people find it easy to come up with healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas but get stumped when it comes to healthy/ exciting snacks!READ MORE


How to create a morning routine

With only 24 hours in each day, they say we should split our time equally between work, rest and play. Before I went on holiday just recently I was thinking about the past few weeks, and I was not quite sure how this delicate balance had become so out of whack.

There was definitely no play, not a great deal of sleep and a hell of a lot of work. So what is the answer?READ MORE