Going with the SLOW….

The lives most of us live and that we have unfortunately become accustomed to, are fast paced, frantic and hurried…Even the simple practice of getting to a yoga class (which is meant to be relaxing) can be a quite a stressful process…go figure! Think about the last time someone asked you how you were? Chances are your response was…’Great, but really busy….’
Somehow in all of this ‘busyness’, we’ve forgotten how to just chill out and SLOW DOWN!!!


how-to-create-a-vision-board (2)

How to create a Vision Board

For the past few years, from the early evening until midnight 31st December my girlfriends and I put forward our suggestions to name the coming year!

What started as a game one New Years Eve as we reflected on the year that had passed has become a yearly tradition, with the naming of the year ahead signifying what we hope to achieve and manifest over the next 12 Months.READ MORE