The benefits of Chia Seeds By The Nourishing Space

The health benefits of Chia Seeds

I’m not sure about anyone else….but I am absolutely fascinated by the humble little chia seed….what a nutritional dynamo!!
How is it that one little seed can pack such an incredible punch when it comes to the many ways that it Nourishes you!! Look at what these bad boys contain….



One Small Change…..

Last week I took a big step in my journey… I found the courage to finally share my blog with the world! While such a BIG step was marked with overwhelming gratitude to the words of encouragement from family and friends, it got me thinking about personal journeys to health and wellbeing…READ MORE


Going with the SLOW….

The lives most of us live and that we have unfortunately become accustomed to, are fast paced, frantic and hurried…Even the simple practice of getting to a yoga class (which is meant to be relaxing) can be a quite a stressful process…go figure! Think about the last time someone asked you how you were? Chances are your response was…’Great, but really busy….’
Somehow in all of this ‘busyness’, we’ve forgotten how to just chill out and SLOW DOWN!!!



A health coaches guide to healthy snacks…..

I love talking about healthy food, gathering ideas, reading food labels and creating new recipes! I’ve even dedicated one of my pinterest boards just to snacks!

One of the questions I often ask friends and get asked myself is ‘What are you having for snacks?’ Often people find it easy to come up with healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas but get stumped when it comes to healthy/ exciting snacks!READ MORE

how-to-create-a-vision-board (2)

How to create a Vision Board

For the past few years, from the early evening until midnight 31st December my girlfriends and I put forward our suggestions to name the coming year!

What started as a game one New Years Eve as we reflected on the year that had passed has become a yearly tradition, with the naming of the year ahead signifying what we hope to achieve and manifest over the next 12 Months.READ MORE


How to create a morning routine

With only 24 hours in each day, they say we should split our time equally between work, rest and play. Before I went on holiday just recently I was thinking about the past few weeks, and I was not quite sure how this delicate balance had become so out of whack.

There was definitely no play, not a great deal of sleep and a hell of a lot of work. So what is the answer?READ MORE