The Nourishing Space By Penny Demetriou
Hi I'm Penny: Health + Wellness Coach. Real foodie. Mum of one. And passionate about making healthy living easy.

As a busy working mum myself, I thrive on helping other women move past the confusion and anxiety around ‘healthy eating’. My work as a health + wellness coach guides women to make simple changes around their nutrition and lifestyle to create healthy habits that stick.


I believe , when it comes to our health it’s what we do everyday that has the biggest impact. Not what we do some days.

I believe , that healthy eating can be confusing, but once you learn to navigate the minefield you are set up for life.

My fuss-free approach to food and nutrition has seen me help thousands of women regain their energy, lower their stress levels and fall in love with real food so they can live happier, healthier lives.

My mission is to show women that healthy eating is achievable and it can be simply + delicious.  If you’re ready to start living a healthier, happier life. Let me show you how easy it can me. Check out my programs here. 


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